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hai,hai,hello.I feel much more better now.better than yesterday.Alhamdulillah
okay,listen!let me write and you read this,okay? hee..As we know, fenomena "Listen" ni dah jadi trending sekarang either dekat twitter ataupun facebook kan.sampaikan semua benda nak guna perkataan "listen" ni..aiyoo

Now,look! I found something.It just an opinion by a student,.and I think it's worth to share with other. I guess. Yes,ianya ada berkaitan dengan kejadian cik Sharifah vs Cik Bawani juga la..just take some time to read and think about it,okay?


Firstly, we can't put the blame only on one side. both of them made mistakes. Secondly, jangan samakan negara Malaysia dengan negara lain sebab setiap negara tu menggunakan sistem pentadbiran yang berbeza-beza. I'm not trying to support Ms Sharifah's statement,okay.  -.-  Do we think that Malaysia are capable to generate quality students by providing free education to all? just something to ponder.
Sorry to say. I don't think so. I think the education system do we have now is good enough.We can further our study with PTPTN or Scholarship. If our results are good, we can apply for the scholarship and if we're not, we still have chance to further study with PTPTN. As I know, whoever achieve an excellent CGPA, the loan might be turn to be scholarship kan?do correct me if i'm wrong..

heyy, look! just study hard and achieve that good cgpa man! don't have to pay the loan anymore.done! It's an appreciation for our effort :)
One more thing, look at this matter as a positive thing to improve ourselves, our life,okay? we can't get everything for free. We have to pay for every single thing! even nak masuk tandas pun kena bayar 30sen, kan. What if people are asking something from you for free? do you want to give them that thing for free? and yes, the government should cater the best services ever for the rakyat. I can't deny it but as rakyat we need to support our government too. We can't keep complaining everything they are trying to do for us. be positive,at least.

All of this just my personal opinion. If I do hurt anyone, forgive me. Don't see me as pro-kerajaan. I'm not pro-kerajaan or anti pembakang. I'm not. not! that's all..again, sorry for any mistakes that I made in this entry.tiada niat untuk berpolitik.I'm just sharing my thoughts.okay.adios.


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