Saturday, 19 January 2013

either one

 so sad, i feel so so sad. I just realised that our BIG program will be held on 11 feb-14 feb instead of 13feb-16feb. my mistake! sebab aku tak clarify benda ni betul2. what's the different between this date. so much different. If our BIG is held on the 11-14feb, that means our holiday will be only 3 days! oh my cuti..gone!

"just go home this 24jan" yes, I want, I really want too but it's not as easy as you think. My parents would not mind if I go back but I don't want to trouble them. I need to be more responsible now, i can't waste my money just for the tickets like before because my family isn't like before anymore. moreover, the bus station is also far from our house, abah's condition is not like before. He can't drive at night. If I go back in the morning, I need to pay for the transport from my university to the bus station, . dulu aku tak kesah sangat pasal kena bayar segala bagai ni tapi sekarang aku kena ambil kesah semua benda tu. aku tak boleh nak terus2 manjakan diri aku macam dulu. whenever I wanna go back, I just go back even cuti 2 hari.

"Ala, one day off pun Adda sanggup balik" yes, that was before. before my father involved in an accident. But now, no one in our family is working. we are totally depending on the saving that we have. 100%. simpanan pun lama2 habis jugak. I can't just simply asking for money from my parents like before. I need to be more responsible.

I should sacrifice. yes, I should. Be positive. Ada lagi students yang tak balik rumah berbulan-bulan. I need to be like them. Be strong.. Okay!

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