Friday, 18 January 2013

Thank you Allah for the another day

hai blog, Happy New Year! may this year will be better than the previous years ya. amiin. eh,'s still not too late to wish it :D
Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive. Yes, of course am still alive, if I'm not, no one would write entry to cherish my deary blog, kan? kalau ada pun, maybe hantu Adawiyah la tu :P

Hmm, I feel quite sad now even I've called and talked to my family. I don't know why. I am all alone. Homesickness. Here, i have no one to share my problem, to express what i feel. I trust no one , not yet. I'm not judging anyone, not! but I think I'm still looking for a friend that I could rely on, a friend that can be trusted not a backstabber.. People here are so different, I guess. I didn't mean that their are backstabber or what. don't get me wrong..Not at all. they are nice.all of them.

Another thing that make me quite sad is this semester I might not be able to go home as frequent as before. don't ask me why. I really truly want to go back as much as I can, if possible once a week...but I can't because so many things I need to considering of. My home isn't 2 or 3 hours from here, it's more than 7 hours. 2 days off is not enough.

Be blessed. Adios.

pssttt: please forgive me if you are hurt reading this post. I didn't mean this post to anyone. It just the way I could express my feeling. Thank you.

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