Wednesday, 26 December 2012



Hye to my dear blog. Winter in other country but monsoon in our loved country, Malaysia. Winter brings snow, or even a naughty hurricane and such but monsoon might cause landslide and flood. Alhamdulillah, for 19 years I am alive, I never experienced flood or move to evacuation center. 
oh, in this  kind of weather,I'm not so feel like to do outdoor activites.So I spend my holidays just in my sweet,sour, bitter house covering myself with the purplish fluffy blanket eating the crunchy cookies watching romantic, action, horror, blablalaa movies...wohooo..SUKA!. XD

But this morning was a beautiful morning. the sun was bright, ^_^ a good day to be outside of my 'nest'. 
Today, I met a teacher in a restaurant, Cikgu Hafiz. A mathematics teacher who had taught me from form 4 to 5.. he helped me a lot. Thanks Sir!

We had a short conversation since he was in hurry. maybe just 2 minutes or less. 
Macam biasa, clinche questions he asked. " hey, how are you?" , "belajar dekat mana sekarang?", "what course?", " you are not in UIA anymore kan?" " ambil course agama ke?"..#eh, the last question macam pelik sikit bunyinya. And yes, maybe because of my external appearance now is different than before, he thinks that i'm taking kos agama. People are change, cikgu. and Alhamdulillah am changing too and better than before.

Nah, gambar I harini. haha. and Yes, my eyes aren't beautiful but I don't care because we don't have to look beautiful to please Him kan. one more thing, anything Allah creates is beautiful :D. That's all for now. Bye!

pssttt: Semoga terus istiqamah,
                                                                           In shaa Allah :)

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