Friday, 26 July 2013


Another week passed. It’s about ten days left before I go home for Eid celebration. Only Allah knows how I feel right now; my feeling about going home, excited! Really, really excited!! HOMESICK, yes I am. I need to bear with this feeling for a few days. YES. Be patient Adawiyah. It's just  10 days, isn’t a long time, right?

I just hope that time would go faster than it should be when I was here, in Terengganu so that I can go home. And I also hope that time would go slower whenever  I was at home so that I could spend more time with all my love. FAMILY. Sounds unfair. But, I don't care. 


Today, we (Fatma & I) made caramel pudding. Alhamdulillah,It turns out to be like it should be . Hehe. It was our first trial in making it. Actually, we faced some problem in the making of this pudding.. We got confused when there are some recipes stated that we should cook the sugar with the water until it turns brown and there is also another version stated that we should cook the sugar until it turns brown before we add some water .-___- 

Whatever it is, we were successfully made a very delicious caramel pudding ever! Haha. 



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