Thursday, 31 January 2013

The reality


Time flies so fast. Now, we are at the end of week 5.. There are about 15 weeks left for this semester. So 
fast the time goes by, I don't even realized what have I done in those past 5 weeks. Assignment? not really. There are plenty of assignment that I haven't look yet. Now, I'm in the first year of degree. Frankly speaking, being a degree student is quite hard for me; we started to have class up to evening, assignments ( more than usual), presentations and the harder part is I need to read a lot of literature 
( I'm not a bookworm!) like poems, novella, novels, short stories and dramas.. T.T 

one of the epic poem that will come out in this coming midterm examination. >.< few weeks more. may everything will be ease :)


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